More than 480,000 5G terminals have been connected to more than 100 million 5G base stations nationwide


    The development of China's 5G network is accelerating. More than 480000 5G base stations have been built nationwide, and the number of 5G terminal connections is growing. At present, the number of 5G online terminal connections has exceeded 100 million, and 5G applications are constantly enriched, covering industries, medical, media, transportation and other fields.


    It is reported that during the epidemic period, enterprises also actively explored new models and new formats such as "5G+infrared temperature measurement" and "5G+drone disinfection and sterilization". In the next step, Shenzhen will be committed to breaking through major 5G key technologies, promoting the development of 5G industry, continuously innovating and implementing the first demonstration of 5G integrated applications, comprehensively building a 5G application ecosystem, and building Shenzhen into a 5G global benchmark city.

    Wang Zhiqin, Vice President of the China Academy of Information and Communications, pointed out that 5G, as the first of new infrastructure, is the key digital infrastructure to promote digital, networked and intelligent transformation. The pace of China's 5G network construction is accelerating, and the integrated application is entering the landing stage from the exploration stage, enabling thousands of businesses to develop intelligently. According to the monitoring of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications, as of May 2020, China has implemented 484 5G applications in actual scenarios.


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