Shenzhen ZTX Communication Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2014, is a high-quality solution service provider in pan-IoT field integrating RF, audio, optics, and other products. The antenna, antenna module, audio BOX and camera module developed and manufactured by ZTX, are widely used in mobile communication, IoT, smart wearables, V2X and other fields, maintaining long-term strategic cooperative relations with number of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

ZTX adhere to technological innovation to create value for customers, has a number of independent intellectual property rights, obtained over 100 authorized invention and utility model patents; and won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2018. ZTX has been awarded as the national high-tech enterprise, national

Shenzhen Headquarters

Fuzhou branch office

Shanghai R&D Base

Vietnam production base

Xian R&D Base



Headquarters base expansion; Established Shanghai R&D Center; Established the optical division


Production base expansion;Establish Xi'an R&D Center;Start the expansion of the manufacturing base;The registered capital increased to 64.3 million RMB.


Launch main board listing.


Overseas base layout;The registered capital increased to 44 million;Establish a Vietnam subsidiary;Product line was further expanded.


Product line and region Expansion and upgrading;Acquisition of Shenzhen Sungy Technology Co., Ltd., to expand the audio business;Set up Taiwan cooperative R&D center.


Landing on the New Third Board;Layout of the Taiwan market, satellite communication product line.


Subsidiaries,Establish Fuzhou and Shanghai subsidiaries;New POS, unmanned aerial vehicle antenna and other business fields.


Company established;Mobile communication, IoT and other antenna businesses developing rapidly

Corporate Strength

Shanghai R&D Center

More than 10 R&D engineers and three chambers, including SATIMO SG24, SY24, and GTS2800; Support 2/3/4G/5G/WIFI/BT/GPS/NB-IOT/EMTC testing.

Fuzhou R&D Center

Nearly 10 R&D engineers and two chambers, including GTS RayZone 1800 and SY24; Support 2/3/4G/WIFI/BT/GPS/NB-IOT/EMTC testing.

Shenzhen R&D Center

More than 50 R&D engineers and six chambers, including three SATIMO SG24 chamber test systems, one ETS AMS 8923 chamber test system, one EM64 chamber, one throughput chamber, and one NFC Micropross test system; Support 2/3/4/5G/WIFI/BT/GPS/NB-IOT/EMTC testing.

Taiwan R&D Center

Nearly 10 R&D engineers and an ETS 8500 chamber; Support 2/3/4/WIFI/BT test.

Xian R&D Center

More than 10 R&D engineers and two chambers, including a GTS2800 chamber test system and an Atenlab OTA 800 chamber; Support 2/3/4G/5G/WIFI/BT/GPS/NB-IOT/EMTC testing.

Vietnam Manufacturing

Antenna manufacturing and processing business;SMT OEM business

Qualifications & Honors